Turning Your L’s Into Lessons: How To Win Even When You Lose

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I love Cardi B!

People who know me personally may find that a little surprising but it’s true.  Even though her album is months old now, I still find myself listening to it a few times a week. Especially when I’m trying to pump myself up for something.

Yeah its filled with lyrics and phrases I’d likely never repeat in front of my mom (ha ha), but underneath all that I find something I relate to in just about every song.

In fact, on “Best Life” when she raps about “turning her L’s into Lessons” I could have literally stood up and clapped!

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I mean it’s true right?

Whether it be taking an important test, making major career moves, or attempting to make some significant life transformations.  At some point you will experience failure(s) along the way, and what you do afterwards will determine the likelihood of your success.

Now I’m not telling you groundbreaking information here.  This is something we all know and have heard plenty of times before.

But what does learning from your mistakes or “losses” really mean in the grand scheme of things?  What does turning the L’s into lessons  look like exactly?

Well for me it goes a little something like this.

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Disappointment → That’s right! I’m a firm believer in allowing yourself to experience all of your emotions (for a moment), even the negative ones.  A couple of months ago I failed my real estate exam for the first time and it sucked!  I griped, I complained to my friends all woe is me, and after about 24 hours, I was over it! I simply let the disappointment go and I instead turned to;

Gratitude → Because there is always something to be thankful for in the mist of it all.  When it came time to my test, I’d only missed it by one question which meant that for the most part I’d grasped the information, and I still had another attempt at taking and passing it so there was that.  The reality when it comes down to it is.  It’s up to you to find and hold on to the good in any given situation so that you can move on and;

Research → Figure out what you did wrong in the first place. Were you as prepared as you should have been?  Did you put in the work to set yourself up for success? Was there anyone else involved? Reach out to them for feedback.  Most likely you’ll always find something that could have been done better. And importanlly, you’ll need all of this information to come up with a new plan, and;

Action → Make another go at it! This is what really separates the winners from the losers after all.  The process that I’m describing in this post is the equivalent of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and trying again.  And when you finally accomplish what it is you set out to do;

Celebrate your Win → As big or as small as you’d like to! I spoke earlier about feeling every emotion and I find that often times we don’t take time to acknowledge and feel that sense of accomplishment like we should.  Hey when you do the hard work it’s perfectly okay to toot your own horn from time to time!

So if you find yourself having a set back, whether it be personally, or professionally! I encourage you to take those L’s, and turn them into lessons that last a lifetime!

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Black Atlanta Fashion Blogger

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