Style Saturday; The Statement Coat

Black Atlanta Fashion Blogger
Black Atlanta Fashion Blogger

This year I’m focused on providing consistent quality content not just on social media but also here on my blog. In addition to my personal growth and lifestyle content, you can also expect at least one post dedicated to a fashion trend, item, or piece that I feel are must-haves in your closet. That’s right! I’m setting the tone early so feel free to call me out and hold me accountable if you see me slipping.

With that being said, what day is better to kick off the first fashion post than the first Saturday of the new year! Also, with us being dead smack in the middle of winter, statement coats will be the theme for today as now is the time to start stocking your closet for next year.  The holidays may be over, but there will be major sales shortly as stores begin to transition for spring. 

When I was in the military, I found myself in uniform 90 percent of the time.  The few times I wasn’t, I was in workout clothes (appropriate for running errands and working out).  After separating from active duty, I had to build my entire wardrobe from scratch.  

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Since I spent the first-year post service in Florida, there wasn’t a need for much cold weather gear.  My now fiancé’ had to force me to add a couple of coats to my closest when I moved to Atlanta. I initially declined and told him I would be perfectly fine.  I wasn’t a jacket or coat kind of girl and didn’t think it was necessary to waste money on them.  Besides, how different could the Georgia – Florida weather be?  I was eating those words when January rolled around and experienced my first real Atlanta winter.  It’s funny thinking back to that time because now I’m all about winter fashion and embrace it as much as any other season. 

As far as jackets and coats I usually recommend sticking to basic or neutral colors, especially when you are building up your wardrobe or adding staple pieces. Doing this will allow you much more flexibility and versatility when it comes to styling.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t add a bit of color.  I have a 70-30 rule in my closet. Seventy percent of my wardrobe consists of high-quality pieces built to last, and 30 percent is on the lower end that I only expect to have for a season.  So, my neutral statement jackets in black, gray, and brown (or similar colors) I typically purchase from department stores or brands known for quality, and I bring my colorful coats via inexpensive boutiques or shops.  

Another recommendation? Stalking that perfect coat until it goes on major sale, I’m talking at least 40 to 50 percent.  The coat in this post I am absolutely in love with. However, I don’t think I would have been able to stomach the price tag if I hadn’t gotten it during Banana Republic’s Black Friday Sale.

As I said earlier, now is the perfect time to find you a statement coat or two JI scoured all of my favorite stores and found some great deals! 

Until next time, Happy Shopping!


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