My Most Productive Self; Closing Out 2018 With A Bang

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I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! I say this every year, and I’ll repeat it, 2018 has flown by.

Most years I’m not much excited about the holiday season. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids or live away from home, but I’ve always used holidays to catch up on sleep and get some much-needed quiet time!  This year I’m the other end of the spectrum and feeling more motivated and energized than ever!

Yes, 2018 is coming to a close, but instead of riding out the rest of the year in slow motion, I’m mapping out how to make December my most productive month!  I’m so determined to make this happen; I’m not leaving anything up to chance

My grandmother has always said, what you’re doing on the last day of the year will be what you’ll spend most of the next year doing. So, in keeping with that logic, if I spend December being my most productive self, then I’m more likely to carry that momentum into the new year!

How am I doing this?


Black Atlanta Blogger

  1. I’m sticking to a calendar that works for me even if some would call it outdated! Last week I went to office depot and picked up one of those large desk calendars that I’ll use that to keep track of all my commitments. Personal, professional, and blog related are all going on there! With that as my master, I’ll use my google calendar to track my daily and weekly to-dos. With its ability to color code, give me pop up reminders, and notify me when its time to leave and arrive at my appointments on time, it’s hands down the best thing I’ve incorporated in my routine this year.
  2. I’m taking an intentional approach to reducing my social media consumption. I spend way too much time on there. Social media is a double-edged sword. You need it to have success in your business, but it’s also the biggest hindrance to my productivity.  So, for this month, I’m trying out an every other day approach. I’ll post on my social channels four days out of the week and on the off days I’ll spend that time doing something that still furthers my bottom line; productivity!
  3. I’m time blocking instead of multi-tasking. I’ve noticed that focusing on one specific thing at a time increases the quality and quantity of whatever I’m working on because I don’t have to start/stop.
  4. I’m scheduling self-care! For me, self-care is about doing the things that feed my soul. It’s something as simple as spending a couple of hours in the bookstore, long phone calls catching up with my friends, or spending time doing something new and fun with my fiancé. Whatever it is big or small, I’m determined to make it as much a part of my routine as any work or blog related task.
  5. I’m spending Christmas home with my family! You’re probably wondering how that makes me more productive? Well, remember the quiet holidays I mentioned earlier? I’ve now learned that sometimes a loud, joyous time with those you love the most is just what you need to keep going! And what better time to do that than winding down the end of the year festivities.

So how are you feeling about wrapping up 2018?  Does your current reality resemble anything close to your vision board? If not, there’s still time to get some things done. Let me know what you’re doing to stay productive and close out the year strong!

Until next time,

My Most Productive Self

Keyva Jo



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