Mindset 2019; Intention & Purpose Over Everything

The new year is here, and as always, I’m so ready for it! Instead of making resolutions that I likely won’t keep, I start every year by establishing the mindset I want to have for the year, and 2019 will be no different. 

I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I’m a complete workaholic. I like setting and smashing goals, I love staying busy, I generally work a bunch of overtime at my 9-5, and in my free time, I’m always working on furthering my personal brand and blog. 

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Concerning those things, 2018 was great for me! It was filled with plenty of highs; obtaining my real estate license, significantly growing my following via social media, and landing my first magazine feature. On the personal front, I also got engaged in August and have been actively planning our wedding which is scheduled for next summer. Like I said, always busy! 

Unfortunately, the good times and life, in general, came to a screeching halt when my grandmother passed away unexpectedly last month. Like most grandmothers, she was the Matriarch of our huge family and the one that kept it all together! Losing her with a minimal warning has been extremely hard on us all. It’s also spiraled me into a period of reflection that I didn’t realize was so necessary. 

With that being said, instead of work, work, and more work in 2019. I’ll be focusing on living my life meaningfully with purpose and intention. The last few years have been all about the grind, but in 2019 I’m looking forward to slowing things down a bit. 

Consciously choosing how I spend my days, how I exert my energy, the foods that fill my body, the thoughts that fill my mind, and the environment that surrounds me. There will be the hustle and bustle I’m sure, but there will a lot more rest, play, travel, firsts, things I enjoy, and people I love. 

mindset; purpose & intention

So cheers to 2019, my friends! Are you a mindset or resolution person? Either way, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us all this year. Let’s make it a memorable one!


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