How To Break Your Rut & Thrive!

Getting Out of A Rut

January has come and gone, and by now you should be in full swing of progressing toward all the things you wanted to accomplish this year! If you’ve taken a quick pulse check over this past month and realized you’ve done little to advance these amazing goals you’ve set for yourself, I’m here to remind you that you are not alone. Have you started off with the best attitude and intention but instead found yourself doing a lot of the same ole same ole? I get the frustration! You my friend are in a rut! But have no fear, Keyva Jo is here, haha!

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Most of what I talk about on this blog comes from personal experiences, and this topic is no different. I’ve experienced being in a rut. That feeling of days, weeks, and months rolling by and before you know it you’re finishing the year right where you started.

That’s why, before we get too thick in the year, I thought this would be a great topic to talk about.  To share with you some of the steps I’ve taken in the past to pull myself out this type of space and thrive.   

First let me start off by saying this! You are the reason you’re in this rut, and you and only you can pull yourself out of it. It may sound harsh but deep down inside you know it’s true! The good news is that a period of self-reflection, actionable steps, and some intentional living should get you well on your way.

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So where should you start? 

I recommend starting with the place you likely spend most of your time, at work! Take inventory. Are you content at work? Fulfilled? Is the best you have to offer being utilized? If not then it’s time to make some changes. No, I’m not saying that you should walk into work tomorrow and quit your job. You should, however, request some time with your supervisor and discuss the current work that you’re doing. Is there a way you could take on additional duties without sacrificing your current workload? Something that stretches you beyond your normal day to day tasks?

Next, I implore you to look at your relationships. Not just the one with your spouse or significant other, but those with your friends as well! Are these relationships feeding your soul or draining your energy? Realize this now. It is perfectly okay to outgrow friendships. If you find that you’re only friends with someone because they’ve been your friend forever, now may be the time to reevaluate and create some space. 

Getting Out of A Rut

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Moving on, what are your current routines? Can you say that you have any? One of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog was about refreshing your routine. Why? Because I find that when I create and stick to healthy routines, I am more productive at my 9-5 and with my side hustles, have more energy, and best of all, I sleep a lot better at night! If you find yourself hitting the snooze button often in the mornings, or staying on social media until right before bed, I recommend coming up with a morning routine that gets your juices flowing to kick A** and a nighttime routine that calms down the chaos!

Next we move on to your surroundings! Now, depending on your personal situation, picking up and moving is likely not in the cards for you. Nor would I suggest it in this situation.  However, redecorating is always an option. When I got engaged a few months back, I moved into the home that my fiancé purchased before we’d even met. While there is plenty of space for me, I’ve definitely started to leave my imprint throughout. Whether is your office, bedroom, living area, or all of the above, create a haven that you can’t wait to get home too!

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Finally, I’d take a look at what you are doing in your free time! When I was in my 20s, I always hated getting asked what I did for fun. Truth is, I didn’t make time for fun! I was almost always working, and when I wasn’t working, I was sleeping so that I could go back to work. Now that I’m in my 30s I realize how bad that was for my mental health. So I ask you? Is there something that you’ve always been wanting to start? Do it now! Something fun that makes you happy, and that you can’t get enough of!

I know this was a long post! If you got to the end of it, I’d take that as a sign that it indeed reasoned with you! That you may be in a rut of some sort! If you are, find me on social media so we can chat about it! You may need an accountability partner as you navigate this season and I’m always happy to offer a free ear!

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Until next time!  

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