34 Career Lessons Every 30 Something Should Know

Last year for my birthday I wrote a post (33 Life Lessons to Master in your 30s) that to date is still one of my most read.

It was so fun to write and even better, it appears to have really resonated with everyone.

This year when I turned 34, I was on my blogging hiatus. I knew once I got back I would want to do a continuation to that post.  So although I’m a couple of months behind, today i’m sharing 34 career lessons I think every 30 something woman should know.  Make sure to find me on social and let me know what you think. 

  1. When job searching, you should push yourself past your comfort zone, allowing each next position to add something to your professional growth and development.
  2. The resume gets you the interview, but acing the interview is what gets you the job; it’s not always about who has the most experience.
  3. With that being said, you must master the art of the interview.  Unfortunately I’ve met many people with the skillset and a strong resume, who aren’t able to sell themselves during the interview process.
  4. When starting a new job “I’m new or I don’t know”, is not an acceptable answer for anything.  Instead use, “I’m not sure, but I will find the answer and get back to you”.
  5. Never take on the attitude of “that’s not in my job description”.  Learn as many additional duties as you can without sacrificing your day to day responsibilities.  
  6. Soak up everything about the way your boss operates; to the point that you know what they’ll be looking for or need from you before they ask for it.
  7. No matter how much you think you know, you’re never done learning.Black Atlanta Blogger
  8. Being able to communicate effectively as cliché as it sounds; is definitely a skill you have to acquire if you want to achieve any level of professional success. 
  9. Avoid the water cooler talk and stay out of the office drama; most likely those people aren’t going to get where you’re trying to go.
  10. Commit to the team concept, watch their back and they should watch yours.
  11. If you hate your job; find a new one; simple as that.  No one should be that disgruntled employee that everyone hates asking a question.
  12. It’s never too late to transfer into a new field if that’s what you really WANT to do.  Research, obtain the qualifications you need and go for it!
  13. Just because you’ve been with the company the longest, doesn’t mean you’re automatically next in line for a promotion.Black Atlanta Blogger
  14. A productive working relationship with your coworkers is a must, however, they don’t have to be your best friend! Personally, I’ve kept work friendships to a minimum and that has proved better for me than the other way around.
  15. If you experience any type of failure (which you likely will at some point), analyze, learn from your mistakes, and try your best not to make them again.
  16. Develop healthy personal habits and relationships outside of the office.  Having those in place will carry you when things at work get a bit hectic and stressful.
  17. Always maintain integrity, doing what needs to be done even when no one is looking.Black Atlanta Blogger
  18. Don’t take work home with you! While you’re there, give 100% but once you walk out the door, do so with a clear mind.
  19. Celebrate your “wins”.
  20. If you’re looking at you job as simply a “paycheck”, it’s going to be hard to find happiness in your career.  There has to be some element about it besides money that you enjoy.
  21. Make sure you are getting consistent feedback on a monthly basis.  This should ensure there aren’t any “surprises” at the end of the performance year.
  22. Not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur but everyone should create multiple streams of income for themselves.
  23. Don’t be the person that prides themselves on never taking a day off and finds themselves burnt the heck out.
  24. Taking a sick day includes mental health days as well.
  25. If and when you make a mistake, own up to it before it becomes a problem with no solution.Black Atlanta Blogger
  26. Closed mouths don’t get fed; respectfully speak up and ask for what you want.  You may not get it! But at least it won’t be from not trying.
  27. Your workspace should be functional and conducive to you working as efficiently as possible.
  28. Network within your office, and out, also within your field and out. At some point these connections will serve you well.
  29. At some point you WILL have that difficult supervisor; but it won’t be forever.
  30. You should be able to manage your time effectively  without someone constantly over your back.
  31. Always remain flexible and open to change. 
  32. Working through your lunch break should be a rare occurrence and not an everyday thing.
  33. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize ! If you have three things due at the same time, leave the thing that most likely to get you in the least amount of trouble.
  34. When taking a new position, leave your old one on good terms.  Also, obtain a letter of recommendation prior to your departure. You may not need it for your next job but you may need it some time in the future.Black Atlanta Blogger

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Did you find these career lessons helpful? Let me know in the comments below. Talk to you soon!

With Love,

Keyva Jo



  1. Gerard
    June 11, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    Great info. I will keep all of these in mind at my job as well.

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