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As I sit here writing this post, the sun is shining, and we are enjoying a 60-degree weekend here in Atlanta!  For me, it’s a welcome sight because this girl is so over the winter weather we’ve experienced this season.

In my post last week, I mentioned that one of the habits I’m developing this year is to spend more time with my finances.  At 33 years old, with the way my goals are set up, it’s past time for me to get serious about saving more and investing.

Although there are tons of articles, books, and speakers, out there to assist anyone on a financial journey; in this post, I’ve decided to talk about one of the simplest concepts to tackle which is spending less than you make!

Sounds quite simple right? Fact is, after I ran the numbers, I realized yes, I spend less than I make, but not by much!

So what have I done?

Black Atlanta Blogger

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Black Atlanta Fashion Blogger

  1. I reduced my rent: When I moved to Atlanta 5 years ago I settled in one of the nicest areas, a short distance from Midtown, Buckhead, and Downtown.  I loved my apartment, and I was close to everything.  Unfortunately, I paid a hefty price for that convenience. When I decided it was time for some changes this past year, relocating to an area of town that was just as nice but a little further out from the city seemed like a logical step.  Not only is my current apartment super cute, it’s also much cheaper!  Savings – $350
  2. I chopped my cable bill in half: By going down to the lowest internet and cable package. I know some are getting rid of cable entirely but I’m doing what I can with baby steps! Every little bit helps. Savings – $100
  3. I stopped eating out…as much 😊: Being busy and living alone, I was terrible at ordering in. It is so easy and enticing to have food waiting for you that you didn’t have to spend hours preparing. Thankfully, when my mom was here over the holidays she reminded me of all the quick but still healthy options I can make in under an hour, and what can I say, Moms, are usually right! Savings – $200
  4. I significantly tightened up my clothing allowance: I can’t say that I won’t buy any new clothes. I’m a style blogger after all, and shopping is sort of like a sport for me.  But I did include a line item in my budget for clothing, and it’s an expense that I’m monitoring when I wasn’t at all before.  Its progress that I’m gladly welcoming, and its actually been fun shopping my closet!  Savings – $150
  5. Saying, maybe next year, or the year after:   Atlanta is a hotbed for the hottest tours, concerts, shows, and everything in between. But this year I’m just saying no and exploring some of the free entertainment options the city has to offer! Savings for the year, probably in the thousands! 

As you can see, your girl is trying! Everything that I’m saving is going to reducing any debt that I have. Once that’s paid off it goes into an emergency fund, and then once that’s funded I can start investing!

It’s a process that won’t happen overnight but now is the perfect time to take the first step!

Are you also on a journey with your finances! Let me know what steps you’re taking in the comments.



Until next time,

XoXo, KeyvaJo


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  1. January 22, 2018 / 4:13 pm

    Great blog sis! I love your tips. I recently did an expense budget as well with all of the things that I’m spending my money on because I want to buy a house this year and a house brings on huge new exoenses that I need to make sure I can afford. I monitor pretty much everything I spend…except my shopping and entertainment expenses. Haha. I think that I’m going to start taking out money in cash each month and limit that to my shopping and entertainment budget. Once the cash is gone, no more entertainment for me haha.

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